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Woman's Club Awards $36,100 in Scholarships for 2022

Congratulations to the 11 graduating seniors to whom the Woman’s Club awarded scholarships at South Pasadena High School's awards night on May 25, 2022!

The students, amounts of the scholarship, and the student’s intended field of study are as follows:

Grace Dennis, $3,000, Film Production

Sofia Farmarco, in Honor of Mavis Hansen, $3,000, Creative Writer

Ava Feldman, in Memory of Lynn Cathcart, $3,000, Child Psychologist

Lauren Hu, $3,000, Computer Science or Movie Producer

Laurian Lien, in Memory of John Biber, $3,600, Aerospace Engineer

Miranda Liu, $3,000, Electrical Engineer or Computer Science

SeJin Oh, in Memory of Dr. Alexander O. Firempong, $4,500, Pediatrician

Diana Perea, in Memory of Valerie Gast, $4,000, Business Administration

Gabriela Rodriguez, $3,000, Physician or Physician Assistant

Kun Song, $3,000, Artist or Illustrator for Games/Film Studios

James Wooton, $3,000, Mechanical or Electrical Engineer

Congratulations to all the recipients and to the entire graduating class of 2022!

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